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Why Darth Vader Is My Favorite Star Wars Character

Why Darth Vader Is My Favorite Star Wars Character


About 5 hours ago Disney released a surprise clip from the new ‘Star Wars’ movie, “The Force Awakes”. For those of you that don’t know, I love Star Wars. I believe their is so much a person can learn about life just by watching the movie series.

Many people always ask me what is my favorite character. The are often very surprised when I tell them that my favorite character is Darth Vader. The thing I like about Darth Vader is that when you watched him the movie series, there was no doubt, that he was someone that was evil. He was a bully, he didn’t care about taking life, and was someone that people feared.

Even with all these characteristics that make him such a villain, I often think about the clip when Darth Vader was fighting his son Luke Skywalker. Darth and Luke are battle each other and eventually Luke is about to be killed by The Emperor. Darth Vader sees that his son is about to be killed, but in the end saves his son’s life.

This scene really sticks out to me because to me it shows that anyone can change. There are so many people that need to understand that no matter what they have done in life, no matter the mistakes they have made, they can change. The problem I see with most people is that they make excuses why they will not be successful in life. They look at their past failures and use it as a reason why they can’t be successful.

Now I am not saying that you will not have challenges in life or have consequences that you have to deal with due to your past, but you can’t allow yourself to continue to live in the past. For example, some people that have spent time in jail for various reasons when they get out have challenges obtaining work.

One of the things that I believe some don’t consider is starting their own business, especially those that may have sold illegal drugs on the street. It is my opinion that some of the best business men and women are not on wall street, but are behind bars, or out looking for someone to give them a job.

Understand, there is nothing wrong with having a job. In fact at this point in my life I have a nine to five job as a programmer and believe there is nothing wrong with that what soever. What I am trying to stress is that we can’t buy the lie that our past has to shape our future, and we have to remember that with God all things are possible.

The one thing I like about the word of God is that is shows us that no matter what we have done in our lives, through the power of God, we can change.

If Darth Vader as evil as he was could change, I believe that we can change as well especially when take steps of faith.

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Don’t Be A Wantrepreneur

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What I learned From Chris Ducker

What I learned From Chris Ducker’s Critique Of My Website


Last night my good friend from, Hicunni Chandler told me that I needed to jump on Periscope and check out Chris Ducker from Before last night I had heard of Chris but had never checked out his content. I had know idea what I was missing.

First of all Chris has a great personality and his show is very educational and entertaining. In addition to that, Chris critiqued my website on his show #DuckerScope. I was floored and I want to share with you what I learned.

 The Lessons Learned From Chris Ducker

1) Branding Is Important. We need to make every attempt possible to push our brands.
2) Chris asked me what my biggest challenge was. I told him followers. He told me to focus on getting the right followers and not just anybody. I think this is important because many people in my position are so eager to have people following them that they go outside of their niche.
3) Marketing is King. I learned that I have to increase my marketing of my content. If I want people to know about my brand I have to market my content even more than I do now.
4) Video is great. Even before Chris watched my video on “The Importance of Exercise” and shared it with the audience. Chris was telling everyone on periscope that we need to try if at all possible to incorporate video on our site by putting it on our about page. You can check here for Chris’ tips for creating a great about page.
5) Stay in our niche. On my site prior to today I had posts on my site that weren’t about my niche. That was something that Chris stated that I needed to remove and make sure I don’t put posts on my site that don’t align with my niche.
6) You need to have a call to action for those that view your content.
7) Make sure you have a way to obtain e-mail addresses. Chris stated that having a way to obtain e-mail addresses is key to building a business.

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The Importance of Exercise

In this video,  I share a time the time in my life where I received a very bad medical report from the doctor where I was diagnosed with a disease that I always said I never wanted in my life.  I have seen many people in my family suffer from the disease and knew that it wasn’t something that anybody ever want to deal with. Even though I knew all the risk factors of how and why the disease develops in a person’s body, I didn’t nothing to prevent it. I didn’t exercise and I ate horrible. Sure I know that genetics does play a huge part in an individual’s health, but I also know that I wasn’t doing my part.

I encourage you to watch my story of how I changed my quality of life just by doing something as simple as eating correctly and exercising. Enjoy the video and please leave a comment.

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The Choice Is Yours

The Choice Is Yours

In life our choice have the ability to influence our quality of life. I was vising the Clemson Road Extension located in Columbia, SC when I came across this fork in the road. As I began to look at it, I began to think that life is just like this road. We are presented with decisions every day where we have to make a decision on which path to take. Are we going to follow the crowd or are we willing to be different. The problem with following the crowd is that usually the masses makes choices based off of what pleases them. As Christians we have to learn to make decisions based off of the Word of God.

When we have this type of mindset, it can greatly have a positive affect on our decisions. We have to remember that God’s word is true and provides proven wisdom for dealing life’s problems. We just have to humble ourselves. God doesn’t make anybody do anything. God gave man free will so the choice really is yours when it comes to the decisions you make in life. So are you going to love or hate? Are you going to be a person of integrity or do what pleases your? Are you going to cheat on your spouse and commit infidelity, or are you going to be faithful to the vows you made. The choice is yours.

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How To Stop Being Lazy – Consider The Ant

How To Deal With Laziness – Consider The Ant

I have always been fascinated with ants. I remember playing with them when I was a young boy.  I would purposely give them food and watch them work together to take the food down their little ant hill. I was amazed how they would work together and how amazing strong they are.

This video is inspired by proverbs 6 where they talk about how diligently the ant works to provide for themselves.

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How To Be More Creative

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What Is Your Why?

What Is Your Why?


A few years ago, my wife and I were members of a multilevel marketing company. We were able to earn some money on the side from selling the retail product, but we definitely didn’t make the money that we had hoped. Even though we did not gain the income that we wanted, we obtained something much more valuable. That something was knowledge.

One of the things that can really push a person towards success is having a great mentor or leaders. My wife and have a great leader that really helped us with changing the way we began to approach business in general.  There were many things that we were able to gleam from them, but one thing that I will always remember is a question I was initially asked when I had first joined. What is your why?

This is a question that everyone has to ask themselves no matter what they are trying to achieve. For a minister who stays up countless hours studying the word and before God in prayer  their why might be to please God by doing all they cal to fulfill the call on their life.  For a business owner who goes the extra mile to please their customers, it might be to earn and maintain a certain standard of living for their families. For an athlete who train day in and day out even when hurt or tired, their why could be to win an olympic gold medal.

Why Is Your “Why” Important ?

It sets the standard for why a person does what they are doing.
Without a why, it is easy to lose focus.
Without a why, you can easy get pulled into fulfilling some other person’s dream so that they can fulfill their why.
Your why should motivate you not to give up when you want to give up.

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7 Ways That Your Small Business Can Win on Pinterest

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